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Billie Eilish has told that she has Tourette Syndrome. She was interviewed by David Letterman.



  • A revelation is a surprising or interesting new fact.
  • A neurological disorder is a problem or illness related to your nervous system.
  • A twitch is a sudden, sharp movement.
  • If someone jerked they suddenly made a sharp, quick motion.
  • If someone has a tic, a part of their face or body keeps making small uncontrollable movements, for example because they have a nervous illness.
  • If you wiggle something, it moves up and down or from side to side in small quick movements
  • If you flex your muscles or parts of your body, you bend, move, or stretch them for a short time.
  • If something is exhausting it it makes you very tired, either physically or mentally.



  1. Why did Billie and David start talking about Tourette Syndrome?
    a      Because they were talking about health stuff.
    b      Billie had a sudden tic during the interview.
    c       David asked Billie directly if she had any disorders.
    d      It just happened, there was no special reason.


  1. When did Billie learn that she suffers from Tourette Syndrome?
    a      During the Covid pandemic.
    b      Just before the interview.
    c       She was never officially diagnosed.
    d      When she was 11.


  1. Which tics does Billie mention? Choose all the correct items.
    a      Blinking with her eyes.
    b      Clicking her jaw.
    c       Flexing her arm muscles.
    d      Raising her eyebrow.
    e      Sniffing.
    f       Wiggling her ear back and forth.
    g       Wiggling her feet up and down.





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