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Best Interests


  • When a character in film is similar to you (same background or same skin colour or same home situation, etc.) you see yourself represented by them.
  • If you are really determined to make something happen, you are on a mission to get it done.
  • Cerebral palsy is a disability that causes a person to have problems moving and speaking (cerebrale parese, hersenverlamming).
  • Someone who has the guts to do something has lots of courage and dares to do stuff.
  • Someone who has a disability or is disabled cannot do one or more natural activities (such as walking or seeing) because of an illness, an injury, etc.
  • A trailer is a mobile home for film actors that they can use on the film set to change or take a break.


1.              True or false? Niamh Moriarty …..

a               … is 16 years old.
b               … is from Dublin.
c                … started acting when she was five.
d               … has difficulties with walking because she has cerebral palsy.
e               … only goes to auditions for disabled characters.
f                 … is working on her first film script.

2.              What is Niamh’s mission?

a               Disabled actors should play more roles for non-disabled characters.
b               Everyone should see themselves represented in films and on stage.
c                Getting more trailers on film sets for actors in wheelchairs.
d               Helping people to write stories that they would love to have seen.

3.              What is “Best Interests”?

a               A drama on BBC One starring Niamh Moriarty.
b               An organisation that helps people with cerebral palsy.
c                Niamh’s project to get more disabled actors in films.
d               The title of Niamh’s first short film.

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