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Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey is a British actress. She was born in September 2003.

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you. 

1 List 5 or more words related to films and acting. 

Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey is a 19-year-old British actress whose star is rising rapidly. She is in the spotlight currently because she is starring in the popular series The Last of Us. Read the introduction and the first 4 questions and answers of an interview with Bella.

Assignment 2

Read the introduction and the first 4 questions and answers of the interview.
Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

a handfulan action that shows continuing support and approval for someone
winning streakat the present time
breakout rolechance
renewedto decide that you will do something at a later time
vote of confidencea formal meeting to find out if someone is suitable for a position
to put offgeneral agreement about something
to directto lead a group of people in performing or filming a movie, play, etc.
consensusthe part that makes an actor or actress famous and successful
the pressure of the industryrelating or belonging to the Middle Ages
a job interviewa series of successes
currentlya small number, several
announcementthe stress and expectations of the world of filming
opportunitya written or spoken statement that tells people about something

Assignment 3

a How did Bella Ramsey break through as an actress?

1 With her award nominations.
2 With her role in Catherine Called Birdy.
3 With her role in Game of Thrones.
4 With her role in The Last of Us.

b Which advice has been most helpful for Bella?

1 Always listen to the things poeple say directly or indirectly.
2 Do the thing that you immediately feel is best.
3 Learn very quickly, that is the best way.
4 Surround yourself with good people.

c What are Bella’s plans for the film she has written?

1 She expects her film to be done in 10 years and hopes that she will be acting in it.
2 She hopes to be making and directing her film after finishing season two of The Last of Us.
3 She just got the announcement that she can make and direct her first film later this year.
4 She would love to lean into it a bit more before actually making and directing her film.

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