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All Song and Dance


  • The Pier Head is a riverside location in the city centre of Liverpool.
  • The lineup of an event is the group of people who are going to perform at it.
  • If an event is non-ticketed it means don’t need tickets to go see all the shows and stuff.
  • Jellyfish are sea creatures with a clear soft bodies. They can sting you.
  • Submarines are ships that can travel both above and below the surface of the sea.
  • A queue is a line of people or vehicles that are waiting for something.
  • A fortnight (also spelled: fortnite) is a period of two weeks.


1.              What are these two people talking about?

a               Events in Liverpool to celebrate Eurovision and the coronation of King Charles.
b               Free music events in Liverpool in the week of the Eurovision Song Contest.
c                The make-over of the pierhead in Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest.
d               The weeks of discussions about the design of the Eurovision logo.

2.              What is the Eurovision slogan?

a               Seeing the Colours Blue and Yellow
b               The Three Graces Behind
c                United by Music
d               You Cannot Turn Anywhere Right Now

3.              Match the event to the correct day.

a. An all female lineup1. Friday
b. Big family day on the Pier Head2. Friday
c. Big parade of jellyfish and submarines3. Friday
d. English National Opera performing Eurovision classics4. Saturday
e. Jake Shears playing a big live gig5. Sunday
f. Loads of Liverpool icons6. Tuesday
g. Start of Eurovision Village7. Wednesday

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