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A Leap in Time

2024 is a leap year. What exactly is a leap year?

Assignment 1

a        Write down the names of the months. (Don’t forget: Month names always start with a capital letter (hoofdletter).)

b        For each month, write down how many days it has.

A Leap in Time

It is almost February.
But this year’s February is different than last year’s.
What’s going on here?

Read all you need to know about different kinds of February.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.   leapa.    about, around
2.   approximatelyb.    belonging to the sun
3.   to orbitc.    imaginary straight line that something (such as the earth) turns around
4.   solard.    jump
5.   partiale.    to lower a number to the nearest whole or round (afgerond) number
6.   rotationf.     normal
7.   axisg.    only a part of
8.   to round downh.    remaining, extra
9.   leftoveri.     taken away
10.          subtractedj.     to slowly become a large number or amount
11.          (to) add upk.    to travel around
12.          regularl.     turning-around movement

Assignment 3

a    What Is a Leap Year?

1    A year that has 366 days.

2    A year that has an extra month.

3    A year that skips some days.

4    A year with 365.25 days.

b    What is a solar year?

1    A year with more sunny days than rainy days.

2    The amount of days it takes for the sun to travel around the earth.

3    The time Mars needs to travel around the sun once.

4    The total time the earth needs to travel around the sun once.

c     What is a “sol”?

1    One day in the solar system.

2    One day on earth.

3    One day on Mars.

4    One day on the sun.


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