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Running Up That Hill

An old song that is suddenly popular again and other news.

  • The number one song is the song that is the most listened to at that time.
  • A track is one of the songs or pieces of music on a recording.
  • If a song tops the charts it is at the top of the lists of the bestselling pop singles.
  • If a song is smashing records it is more popular, more listened to, etc. than any other song.
  • Something that is launched into the spotlights is suddenly getting attention by many people.
  • Aboriginal means belonging to one of the tribes that lived in Australia when Europeans arrived there.
  • An iconic bridge is an important or impressive bridge that is like a symbol of something.


For question 1, watch the video up to 1.55.

  1. Which two news stories are in the first 1:55 minutes of the video?
    a      Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things.
    b      Kate Bush and the flags on Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    c       ‘Running up that Hill’ and Netflix.
    d      ‘Stranger Things’ and Kate Bush.


For questions 2 and 3, watch the video up to 1.38.

  1. When did the song ‘Running up that Hill’ by Kate Bush first come out?
    a      1963
    b      1974
    c       1985
    d      2014


  1. How did Kate Bush and ‘Running up that Hill’ go even more viral?
    a     With ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac.
    b      With 2 million videos on TikTok.
    c       With Guardians of the Galaxy.
    d      With her record for youngest woman to top the UK charts.




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