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Iman Vellani and Rish Sha are two actors in the new Ms Marvel series. Maryam and Nabeeha got a chance to interview them.



  • When you say something is awkward you mean that it makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.
  • If you fancy someone you really like this person a lot and you feel attracted to them.
  • The cast of a play or film is all the people who act in it.
  • An episode of a series on radio or television is one of the separate parts in which the series is shown.
  • The film industry is all the companies, studios, people etc. involved in making commercial films.
  • You can say a person in a film or story is a relatable character when you feel an emotional connection with them.



  1. How many episodes of Ms Marvel have Maryam and Nabeeha watched?
  2. How does it feel for Iman to play the first female Muslim Marvel superhero on screen?
  3. Iman says that her after she “picked up the Ms Marvel comics her entire world just changed.” How did her world change?
    a      She convinced her parents to let her take acting lessons and become an actress.
    b      She discovered that she had special powers and was a real superhero.
    c       She realized that a Muslim girl like herself could be a tv star too.
    d      She suddenly started reading all the Marvel comics she could find.


Extra assignment

Write down two or more questions you would ask Iman and/or Rish.


Extra reading assignment

To find out more about Ms Marvel you can do the special Ms Marvel reading assignment.


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