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Why do so many adults love LEGO?

Adults play with LEGO on a table.

The LEGO Group is still one of the best-selling toymakers in the world. But nowadays, adults are just as interested in it as children. Why is this?


  • You are captivated by something when it really has your attention, and you are very interested in it.
  • When something is for a mature audience, it means it’s made for adults of all ages.
  • When a something positive happens serendipitously, it means it was unplanned, and was found through luck or chance.
  • When people can attest to a statement, it means they can share personal experiences or opinions that support that statement.
  • A metropolis is a large modern city.
  • People call the difficult things they must go through in life hardships.
  • Mindfulness is the practice of trying to maintain a calm and present mental state.
  • When something helps to heal or fix something, it’s described as restorative.
  • When you have amassed followers, it means you have gained a lot of followers over time.
  • You are in awe of something or someone when you are really impressed.

Watch 00:00 – 01:46 of the video.

1. In 2019, the LEGO Group started making LEGO sets specifically for adults. How did they come to this decision?

2. Head designer Fiorella Groves (2nd person being interviewed) explains why she enjoys making adult LEGO: “Designing for adults is particularly interesting compared to designing for kids, because you’re spending so much time reliving memories in that nostalgic lane.” She continues by talking about “designing emotional hooks that really mean something for the consumer at the other end”. 

What does she mean by this? Choose the best summary of her interview.

A. By designing for adults, I get to connect to their families and children as well.

B. Designing for adults is fun because I get to think about my own childhood.

C. I base my designs of LEGO sets that I used when I was a child and modernise them.

D. I enjoy using my childhood memories to design things that remind adults of their own childhood.

Watch 01:46 – 03:20 of the video.

3. LEGO has an emotional value for collector André Debruyne. Write down at least two things collector André Debruyne says that show the emotional value LEGO has for him.

Watch 03:20 – 05:50 of the video.

4. Multiple people are interviewed about the benefits of LEGO for relaxation and mental health. Match the person with the right statement.

1. LEGO collector Sarah1 = A. This person loves LEGO because it makes him feel like he is in control, which you don’t always get in real life.
2. YouTuber Jhae2 = B. This person loves that LEGO lets adults play for the sake of playing, without a goal in mind.
3. Author Abbie Headon3 = C. This person likes being given instructions and not having to make decisions.
4. Professor Norm Farb4 = D. This person says playing with LEGO gives you a sense of accomplishment and positive emotions which is good for your mental health.
5. Property economist Josh Mangleson5 = E. This person loves LEGO because it’s a way to forget about the expectations and and worries of daily life.

Watch from 05:50 to the end of the video.

5. What effects has YouTuber Jhae’s community of LEGO fans had? Tick all the correct answers.

A. It has brought fans together to share tips and insights.

B. It has brought Jhae closer to his family by being creative together.

C. Jhae has met some of his best friends through the community.

D. The community have made designs for adult LEGO for the LEGO Group.

E. The community’s creativity inspired The LEGO Group to make more LEGO for adults.

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