Who is Putin

Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. Who is this leader?



  • When someone is brought into the spotlight this person is getting a great deal of attention.
  • If you call someone a controversial figure, you mean that this person is someone people argue or disagree about a lot.
  • wealthy – very rich
  • If one country or person dominates another, they have power over them.
  • If you feel humiliated by something you feel ashamed or stupid because of it.
  • The aggressor in a fight or battle is the person, group, or country that starts it.
  • When you justify something you show or tell why it is necessary or reasonable.



  1. How long has Putin been in charge of Russia?
    a      For 20 years.
    b      For more than 20 years.
    c       For 22 years.
    d      For almost 30 years.


  1. Put the following events in Putin’s life in the correct order.
    a      Collapse of the Soviet Union.
    b      Invasion of Ukraine.
    c       Many fights as a kid.
    d      Took up judo.
    e      Worked as a spy for the Soviet Union.


  1. How does Putin justify the invastion of Ukraine?
    a      He says he had to take a huge step as a leader.
    b      He says people in Russia want him to do so.
    c       He says that people need to see how powerful he is.
    d      He says the country is actually part of Russia.



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