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Where did Black Friday come from?

Every year, companies start promoting incredible deals for Black Friday. But what is Black Friday? How did it start, and why did it become a day for shopping and deals?


  • When there is a big crowd, people can trip and be trampled, which means people walk over them.
  • Consumption can be used to describe eating or using something, but it’s often used to describe buying something.
  • When people refer to the consumer economy, they mean an economy where consumer spending (buying products and services) is a very important part of the economy. 
  • Consumer credit describes things like credit cards, where you can buy something now, and pay for it later.
  • To splurge is to spend a large amount of money in one go.
  • A frenzy is when people seem to go crazy for something.
Watch until 1:21.

1. On what day is Black Friday? 

2. What does the presenter say happens on Black Friday? There are multiple correct answers.

A. People head out to shops to buy loads of stuff.

B. People get trampled because they’re rushing home for Thanksgiving.

C. Shops offer huge deals.

D. People stay in their cozy homes to take a nap.

3. When did Black Friday become a day for shopping and discounts?

A. During the Industrial Revolution.

B. During the Great Depression.

C. During WWII.

D. During the 1980s. 

Watch from 1:21 to 02:54.

4. People started buying more stuff during the Industrial Revolution. What were the reasons for this? There are multiple correct answers.

A. Because products were made locally.

B. It became easier and cheaper to produce goods.

C. More houses had electricity.

D. Department stores and catalogues started appearing.

E. With consumer credit, you could buy things now and pay for them later.

F. Because WWII had just ended.

G. People had bigger paychecks and bigger houses and could buy more stuff.

Watch from 2:54 to the end.

5. What does the presenter say about Black Friday at the end of the video? Fill in the words in the sentences below.

gifts – holiday – less – money – time

We should focus more on spending … with our family during the … season, and … on spending … to buy … for our family. 

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