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Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a        Name the four parts of the United Kingdom.



The Nations League is a European football competition. It has started this month. In 2022, the Netherlands is in a group with Wales.

What do you actually know about Wales? Find out more about the country in this profile of Wales.


Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.     capital a.    anno Domini, meaning: the years since the birth of Christ
2.     surrounded by water b.    birds such as chicken and ducks
3.     rugged c.    control of the country by the Romans
4.     manufacturing d.    the group of people who make the laws in some kinds of government
5.     forestry e.    the main city of a country, where the country’s leaders work
6.     poultry f.     the making of products by hand or machinery
7.     crops g.    not under the control or rule of another
8.     prehistoric h.    of the time very long ago, before history was written down
9.     AD i.     to officially control and lead a country
10.  Roman rule j.     a person who is from a country that is not your own
11.  foreigner k.    plants that are grown by farmers
12.  to conquer l.     the science and practice of caring for forests
13.  independent m.  to win by fighting
14.  to govern n.    with a rough and uneven surface
15.  parliament o.    with water on every side of it


Assignment 3

a        Connect the items on the left with the correct description on the right.

1   Cardiff a       Wales
2   Celts b       Language of Wales
3   Cymru c       People of Wales
4   Welsh d       Capital of Wales
5   Welsh e       People who lived in Wales 1000 of years ago


b        For each of the following, write down if it is a river or mountains.

1     The Brecon Beacons
2     The Cambrian Mountains
3     The Dee
4     The Severn
5     Snowdonia
6     The Wye


c        Which two main languages do people in Wales speak?

1     Welsh and Celtic
2     Welsh and Cymru
3     Welsh and English
4     Welsh and Protestant


d        Since when is Wales part of the United Kingdom?

1     1410
2     1536
3     1801
4     1999


e        What does Y Ddraig Goch mean?

1     The Foreigner.
2     The Red Dragon.
3     Wales.
4     The Welsh Symbol.



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