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Time Ticking Away



  • A time limit is a fixed amount of time, after which something stops.
  • Something that is addictive is so enjoyable that it makes you want to do it or have it a lot.
  • What do you reckon? is another way of saying: What do you think?
  • A passcode is a combination of numbers. You must enter it for example to use a phone or a computer or to start using an app or other software.
  • A reminder is something that helps you to remember something or to think about something.


Watch the first news item (up to 1:58).

1.              True or false?

                  a               The new TikTok time limits are for kids under 18.

                  b               Most TikTok users are under 18.

                  c                TikTok users spend around 90 minutes on the app every day.

                  d               With the new time limit, TikTok is banned after 60 minutes.

                  e               In Australia, all kids are on TikTok.

2.              What do you have to do to keep using TikTok after 60 minutes?

                  a               Ask your parents for help.

                  b               Enter a passcode.

                  c                Hit the limit.

                  d               Just stay in the scroll.

3.              Why is spending too much time online not good for you?

                  a               It can cause you to forget all the other things you have to do.

                  b               It can get you addicted to videos.

                  c                It can make it difficult for you to make decisions.

                  d               It can make you bad at connecting to people in real life.

Extra speaking assignment: What do you reckon?

1.              Discuss TikTok’s time limit with your classmates.

Talk about:
– Who of you is using TikTok?
– How much time do you spend on TikTok?
– Is the new time limit a good idea? Will it work?
– Etc.

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