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Raising Money

Gabriel has a talent for making things out of wood.



  • Balsa wood is a very light wood from a South American tree.
  • Nails are thin pieces of metal with one pointed end and one flat end. You hit the flat end with a hammer in order to push the nail into something such as a wall.
  • Sculptures are works of art that are made by carving or shaping stone, wood, clay, or other materials.
  • K is sometimes used to represent the number 1000. So 227k followers = 227.000 followers.
  • A raffle is a competition in which you buy tickets with numbers on them. Then some numbers are chosen, and if your ticket has one of these numbers on it, you win a prize
  • When you raise money you collect money from people for a particular cause.
  • A grand is a thousand dollars or a thousand pounds.




  1. When did Gabriel start making things out of wood?


  1. How many followers does Gabriel have on Instagram?


  1. For who is Gabriel raising money?


  1. How much money has Gabriel raised so far?


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