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Pumpin’ Pumpkin

Say Halloween and you’ll say pumpkin.
October and November are peak pumpkin months

Assignment 1

Write down the names of 5 or more vegetables.

Pumpin’ Pumpkin

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. You have probably seen some pumpkin lanterns.
Pumpkin are also a popular food. You can see many pumpkins in the last months of the year.
Some of the pumpkins are quite big. Travis Grienger grew a huge pumpkin.

Read the first 3 paragraphs (alinea’s) of Travis’ story.
(from: “I grew up around pumpkins” up to “watering, watching, and moving.”)
Then read the last 2 paragraphs.
(from: The pumpkin’s name is” up to “It’s definitely a good seed.”)

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1. state faira.  to be the best, biggest, fastest, etc. of all
2. giantb.  to become bigger
3. three decadesc.  big event where farmers show off their products
4. to get the hang of somethingd. a chemical that farmers use to kill insects that damage plants
5. a conteste.  crazy
6. to set the recordf.  event where people try to win by doing something better than others
7.  seedsg.  to jump high in the air and push the basketball down through the basket
8.  nutsh. long parts of a plant that grow along the ground or upwards
9.  bugsi.    a material that is used to make plants grow better
10. a pesticidej.   number on a sports shirt
11. vinesk.  small, hard parts of a plant from which new plants grow
12. to expandl.  small insects
13. fertilizerm.  to start to become good at something
14. jersey numbern.  thirty years
15. to dunko.  very big, enormous

Assignment 3

a        When did Travis start growing pumpkins?

1     As a kid.

2     In 2020.

3     In 2023.

4     In April.

b        Which things helped Travis to grow his giant pumpkin? Choose all correct answers.

1     bugs

2     cables

3     good soil

4     good weather

5     grow lights

6     heating

c        What is the name of Travis’ giant pumpkin?

1     2,350-pounder

2     Gienger’s Giant

3     Michael Jordan

4     Year of ’23

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