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New Zealand News

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you. 

a List 5 or more words related to government.

b Write down 2 or more things you know about New Zealand.

New Zealand is getting a new prime minister

Find out more about this news from New Zealand.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

prime ministeragreed to by everyone
finalto continue to work at a job
public appearancea feeling of love and respect
joyfriendly behaviour
to resignto give up a job or position in an official way
unanimouslythe head of the government
announcementin the period of time following a big event
in the aftermathlast
departurea Member of Parliament who is not a minister
compassionan official statement
kindnessthe people you work with
affectionquitting, going-away
colleaguessomething or someone that makes you feel happy
to stay onsympathy
a backbench MPa visit by a famous person in order to make a speech or announcement, etc.
Assignment 3

a Who is Jacinda Ardern?

1 The leader of the Labour Party of New Zealand.

2 The politician who will take over as prime minister of New Zealand.

3 The prime minister of New Zealand from 2017 to January 2023.

4 The youngest leader of the Indigenous Maori movement.

b Why is the prime minister of New Zealand stepping down?

1 She doesn’t have time to do the job because she wants to start a family.

2 She no longer has the energy that someone needs to do the job.

3 She wants to spend more time with her friend Chris Hipkins.

4 She was attacked on social media and decided to quit.

c What does the advice “You do you” mean?

1 Do not get upset when you are attaced on social media.

2 Just do as you like, nobody really cares.

3 You have to do the job in your own way.

4 You must be ready to step down after 6 years.

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Andere Leesopdracht Engels

Zingende merel in boom

False Alarm

Who fooled police officers in England last week?

Earth Day voeten in bloemen

Earth Day

On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day.

Ramadan dadels en kaars


Ramadan has just begun.


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