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Assignment 1

a        Write down the months of the year.
Remember: The months of the year and the days of the week always start with a capital letter.


Find out what Juneteeth is. Read the whole text.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1. holidaya.  all the traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group
2. commemorateb.  Americans who has African and especially black African ancestors
3. emancipationc.  to announce something in a public and official way
4. African-Americansd. at the present time
5. ceremonye. to become official so that people actually have to do what is required by a law or rule
6. heritagef.  to come together and celebrate to remember a great event or person
7.  proclamationg. doing all things necessary to give someone or a group freedom and rights
8.  to issueh. an official, public statement about something important
9. to go into effecti.  officially accepted and approved
10. currentlyj.  situation when people come together to celebrate a special event
11.  recognizedk. a special day to celebrate something, when you do not have to go to work or school

Assignment 3

a        What is Juneteenth?

1     A day that celebrates the famous book by Ann Rinaldi.
2     A holiday that celebrates the end of slavery in the US.
3     A movement to celebrate Black Lives Matter.
4     A Texan celebration that always takes place on June 19th.

b        In what year did people celebrate Juneteenth for the first time?

1     1862
2     1863
3     1856
4     1866

c        Where was Juneteenth celebrated for the first time?

1     In all American states.
2     In Texas.
3     In the Confederacy.
4     In the Union.

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