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It’s Snot

Summer time, swim time? Just watch out for a snotty sea!



  • marine mucilage – a thick, gluey substance also called “sea snot”
  • pollution – damage caused to water, air, or land by waste, chemicals, and other harmful stuff
  • to suck – to remove something by pulling it with the force of moving water, air, etc.
  • to suffocate – to die because you are unable to breathe
  • oxygenzuurstof
  • the gills of fish– the body parts that fish use for breathing
  • to impact – to have a strong effect on something




  1. Where is the sea snot problem?


  1. Name the two main causes for the sea snot.


  1. Name two or more of the things that feel the effects of sea snot.




WK 26 2020-2021 Luisteren – It’s Snot – antwoorden

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