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Hey Teach


  • If you receive special praise, others say how well you are doing something.
  • If you advise someone to do something, you tell them what would be best for them to do.
  • A subject is an area of knowledge that is studies at school.
  • Students who sit their exams are taking an examination (= a formal test).
  • Students who are left unsupervised are left without any teacher to watch them or tell them what to do.
  • If there is a shortage of something, there is not enough of it.


1.              What are Matthew’s favourite subjects? Choose all correct answers.

a               Home Economics
b               Metalwork
c                Science
d               Spanish
e               Woodwork

2.              What is the problem for Matthew at his school and for Eva at her school?

a               The classes are often unsupervised because of the many teacher strikes.
b               Their schools cannot find teachers to teach them their favourite subjects.
c                They are angry and unhappy because their talents are not recognized.
d               They cannot sit their exams because there is a shortage of teachers.

3.              How does Matthew feel about the situation at his school?

a               Very angry.
b               Very annoyed.
c                Very devastated.
d               Very fond.

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