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Henk & Gerrit

The old year ended with Storm Gerrit. The new year started with Storm Henk.

Why do storms have names?

Assignment 1

a        Write down 5 or more words related to (heavy) storms.

Gerrit & Henk

Read Storm Names for 2023-2024 to find out why storms have names .

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.   to keep tracka.      to create a lot of harm and broken stuff
2.   severe weatherb.      dark orange colour
3.   extremec.       to follow how something is changing
4.   to make them awared.      how a storm changes over time
5.   the progress of a storme.       ideas
6.   suggestionsf.        in the order of the letters of the alphabet
7.   alphabeticalg.      one after the other
8.   confusionh.      possibility
9.   to cause significant damagei.        to take action to make sure that people know that something exists
10.          in turnsj.        uncertainty
11.          potentialk.       very bad weather
12.          amberl.        very serious

Assignment 3

a        Why do storms have names?

1    To give publicity to names from other countries.

2    To honour people who have helped their community.

3    To keep track of the weather.

4    To make people more aware of big storms.

b        How are the storm names picked in the UK?

1    All countries pick a name from a long list of names. The lis is made by an international group.

2    Every year, a list of the most popular baby names is made. The storm names are picked from this list.

3    Everyone can send in suggestions for storm names. The most popular names are put on a list.

4    The English and Irish weather offices brainstorm names. All names are collected in a long list.

c        How big does a storm have to be to get a name?

1    When a storm hits more than one country.

2    When a storm is expected to cause an amber or a red warning.

3    When a storm will hurt more people than buildings and trees.

4    When a storm will last more than 24 hours.


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