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Crying for the Moon

We’ve got a full moon coming up this Thursday.



  • correlation – the relationship between things that happen
  • to howl – to make a long, loud cry that sounds sad
  • the phasing of the moon – the changing shape of the moon during a month
  • dawn – the time of day when the first sunlight begins to appear
  • dusk – the time when day changes into night and sunlight is disappearing
  • muzzle – the nose and mouth of an animal
  • for dramatic effect – done in a way to make it sound or look more exciting, special, important, etc.
  • to forage – to search for food
  • in chorus – all together; all at the same time



  1. Is there really a relation between howling wolves and the full moon?


  1. “Wolves are nocturnal or crepuscular.” What does this say about wolves?


  1. True or False?
    a Howling wolves point their muzzle to the moon for dramatic effect.
    b Wolves always point their muzzle to the sky when they howl.
    c The howl of a wolf can be heard up to four miles away.
    d Wolves are real loners, they always travel alone.
    e Wolves also howl to warn off other wolf packs.
    f Wolves’ howls all sound the same.
    g Wolves howl for different reasons.



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