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Californian Floods



  • A drought is a long period of time during which no rain falls.
  • If something happens with a vengeance, it happens with great force and has a huge impact.
  • Creeks are small streams or rivers.
  • If something is bone dry, it is very very dry.
  • Rock boulders are very large and rounded pieces of stone.
  • The super wealthy are the people that are extremely rich.
  • If someone issues a warning they make a public statement to tell people of a danger.


  1. Which natural disasters usually happen in California?
    a      Mudslides
    b      Rainstorms
    c       Rock mountains
    d      Wildfires
  1. How many people have died so far?
    a      5 young boys
    b      10 people and 1 dog
    c       At least 16
    d      It is unknown
  1. “The worst may yet be to come.” What does this mean?
    a      All is not so great now, but the situation is not expected to get worse.
    b      Even more rain and storms are expected later this year, in May.
    c       The situation is bad now, but it could get even worse in the future.
    d      Things are not good in California, but it is far worse in other parts of the world.

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