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Blue whales return to the Seychelles islands


  • When an animal is wiped out, it means all of them were killed.
  • To inhabit a place means that you live there. 
  • An animal is a mammal when it has fur or hair, give birth to live babies (not eggs), and feed their babies with their own milk. 
  • When animals are different species, it means they are different kinds of animals.
  • When a place is teeming with life, it means there are many living things there. 
  • If you call something remarkable, it’s special or unique.
  • The Seychelles are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean.

Watch the whole video.

1. What is said in the video about blue whales? There are multiple correct answers.

A. They are the biggest animal on earth. 

B. They only live in the Indian Ocean.

C. They are mammals.

D. They use low-frequency sounds to communicate.

E. They live together with dolphins.

2. What does Dr Kate Stafford find remarkable?

A. That Soviet ships captured and killed hundreds of blue whales.

B. That there are hundreds of animals of different species in one area.

C. That there are so many different species of whales.

D. That there are two expeditions and documentary filmmakers coming to see the whales.

3. When were the blue whales wiped out from this area?

A. A few years ago.

B. During a recent expedition.

C. In the 1960s.

D. In the 1970s.

4. Make full sentences by matching the halves. Write your answer by matching the letters and numbers, like this: A = 3.

A. Scientists found the blue whales…1. …record the whales and analyse the sounds.
B. Underwater microphones can pick up… 2. …by listening for their calls
C. It took the scientists a year to…3. …the low frequency sounds whales make.

5. Fill in the missing words in the summary of this video.

killed – largest – listening – Ocean – sounds

Blue whales, the … animal on earth, have returned to the Indian …. It has been decades since they were wiped out. They were captured and … by Soviet whaling ships. Scientists discovered the whales by … to their calls. They used special microphones on the ocean floor to record the whales. It took the scientists a year to record them and analyse the …, but it was worth it.

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