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Big Ben Brexit

On January 31, Britain will officially leave the EU. Some want to mark the moment with the ringing of Big Ben.


  • to chime – (of bells) to make a clear ringing sound
  • scaffolding – a structure of metal poles and wooden boards put against a building for workers to stand on when they want to reach the higher parts of the building
  • Armistice Day – the day of 11 November on which Britain and other countries remember World War I and honour people who lost lives in war
  • to schedule – to plan (something) at a certain time
  • departure – the act of leaving somewhere, of going away
  • mechanism – a part of a machine or several parts that make it work



  1. For how long has the Big Ben been silent?
  2. On which 2 occasions can the Big Ben still be heard?
  3. At what time do pro-Brexit people want to ring in Brexit?
  4. Will London’s Big Ben chime for Brexit on 31 January?
  5. Will London’s Big Ben one day chime again?



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