Bare Necessities

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Polar bears are in danger of dying out. Unlike some other endangered animals, it’s not hunters that are the problem, but climate change. Polar bears are dying because of global warming.

The bear in the video is calles Hamish. Hamish is a typical Scottish name James. Hamish’s friend is called Knobby.


  • polar bear – a large white bear that naturally lives near the North Pole
  • young lads – young boys
  • enclosure – an area surrounded by fences or walls
  • best mate – best friend
  • to settle in – to begin to feel comfortable in a new place
  • nicely – in a pleasant or good way
  • lengthy – to be given up for something else that is seen as more important
  • to load – to put something onto a truck, ship, etc.
  • to unload – to to remove something from a truck, ship, etc.
  • species – a group of animals or plants that are similar and can produce young animals or plants (soort)
  • extinct – no longer existing
  • breeding programme fokprogramma



  1. Where was Hamish born?
  2. How old is Hamish?
  3. How old is Hamish’s friend Knobby?
  4. Many steps were taken to bring Hamish to his new home. Put them in the correct order:
    a driven to the new enclosure
    b loaded up into a transportation crate
    c lots of training
    d onto the back of a lorry
    e unloaded at the new enclosure
  5. How soon could polar bears become extinct?



WK 47 2020-2021 Luisteren – The Bare Necessities – antwoorden

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