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A Noble Cause


  • rhinoceros / rhino – a large, heavy animal of Africa and Asia that has thick skin and either one or two large horns on its nose
  • annual – happening once a year
  • research – careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something
  • entomology – the study of insects
  • discarded – thrown away
  • punches – a quick hit with your fist
  • printable – able to be printed by using a computer’s printer
  • trophy – an prize, for example a large cup or sculpture, that is given to the winner of a competition
  • the scientific honour – the respect and admiration for your scientific work


Watch the video from the beginning to 02:02.

  1. Since what year have the Ig Nobel Prizes been awarded?
  2. Finish the sentence:
    The Ig Nobels are “given to research that first …………………………….., but then ……………………………...
  3. Name two or more examples of studies that won an Ig Nobel Prize this year.
  4. What do the winners of an Ig Nobel Prize take home?


WK 37 2021-2022 Luisteren – A Noble Cause – antwoorden

2 reacties op “A Noble Cause”

  1. Dagmar v Nierop


    Ik zie geen video link meer. Hoe komt dit?

    Dagmar van Nierop
    Docent Engels mbo

    1. River de Graaff

      Hallo Dagmar,
      Ik zie het inderdaad. Inmiddels is de video weer teruggeplaatst. Bedankt voor het doorgeven!

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