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Touching Wood

Christmas is coming, sooner than you think. Some people are already out there buying their Christmas trees.


  • tree farm – a place where trees are grown and sold
  • to pay off – If something you have done pays off, it is successful.
  • fir / fir tree – a tall evergreen tree
  • criteria – things that are used as a reason for deciding something or choosing something
  • supply – the amount of something that is available to be used
  • supply is down – there is less supply
  • shortage – a state in which there is not enough of something
  • due to – because of
  • decade – ten years
  • supply is tighter – there is less supply
  • increase – the amount by which something is becoming larger or greater
  • artificial – not natural, but made to look like something natural



  1. Yes or no: do they sell one kind of Christmas trees at Trinity Tree Farm?
  2. Name one reason why there is a tree shortage this year.
  3. How long does a fir tree have to grow before it can be sold?
  4. Which trees are more popular today: real trees or artificial trees?



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