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Saving Time

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It’s that time of the year again: time to change the clocks. In the US, daylight time (or summer time) begins on 13 March. In the Netherlands, it starts on 27 March.



  • Daylight is the natural light that is there during the day.
  • If you save something you make sure it is not lost or wasted.
  • A concept is an idea.
  • An entomologist is an expert in insects and studies insects.
  • to increase – to become greater, larger, bigger, more




  1. Fill in the missing words:
    Daylight saving time gives us ……………………. of daylight during the summer.


  1. Does everyone think daylight saving time is a good idea?


  1. Which country first started using daylight saving time?


  1. How many countries use daylight saving time now?


  1. How many states of the United States of America do not use daylight saving time?



WK 10 2021-2022 Luisteren – Saving Time – antwoorden



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