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Kenya is dealing with a locust plague. The little insects are devastating local farms. Many are worried they will cause a food crisis.


  • grasshopper – a plant-eating insect that has long legs used for jumping
  • locust – a type of grasshopper that travels in very large groups and eats all there is
  • locust plague – a large number of harmful locusts
  • to devour – to quickly eat all there is
  • to cause havoc – to cause great destruction
  • swarm – a very large number of insects moving together
  • in decades – in 20, 30 or 40 years (decade = 10 years)
  • food security – situation in which there is enough to eat
  • livelihood – the money you need to pay for food, a place to live, etc.
  • to trigger – to cause to happen
  • cyclones – large mighty wind storms
  • to decrease – to become smaller in number
  • soil – the top layer of earth in which plants grow
  • the entire population of Kenya – all the people living in Kenya
  • aerial spraying – flying over an area in an airplane and spreading small drops of water of chemicals over the area
  • to prevent – to stop something from happening or existing
  • for eons – for a very long period of time



  1. Why are the locusts a problem?
  2. How far can the locusts travel in a day?
  3. According to experts, what is the cause of the locust swarms?
  4.  Why is the wet weather great for the locusts?
  5. What is the most effective way to control a locust plague?



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