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Locking Down (Again)

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COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out, but the coronavirus is still very active. Countries have to take difficult measures.


  • the UK strain – a new variant of the coronavirus, first found in the UK (de ‘Britse variant’ van het coronavirus)
  • highly infectious – capable of being easily spread to others (besmettelijk)
  • stop the spread – stop the coronavirus infection from infecting more and more people
  • contagious – highly infectious
  • strong recommendations – strong advice
  • council area ~ gemeente



  1. For which country is Annastacia Palaszczuk announcing a new lockdown?
  2. The UK strain is highly infectious. How much more infectious is it?
  3. Annastacia Palaszczuk is announcing a lockdown. A lockdown for how long?
  4. How many council areas will be in lockdown?
  5. When will the lockdown end?



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