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Happy Birthday

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Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday on 21 April 2022.


  • A salute is an act or ceremony that shows respect for someone. A gun salute is a military ceremony where guns are fired in the air to honour someone.
  • If you celebrate, you do something special and nice because of a special day, like a birthday.
  • Royal residencies are places where a queen and maybe also a king, princes and princesses live.
  • The legacy of the queen are all the things she will be remembered for.
  • A tiara is a small crown that is decorated with jewels. It is worn by women on special occasions.




  1. How old is the Queen now?


  1. Where did Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday?
    a      At Buckingham Palace
    b      At Sandringham.
    c       At Windsor Castle.


  1. Which of the following birthday things are mentioned in the video? Choose all the correct items.
    a      A photograph of the Queen with two ponies.
    b      A royal birthday parade.
    c       Gun salutes.
    d      Horse and pony shows.
    e      The Coldstream Guards played Happy Birthday.
    f       The release of a special Barbie doll.


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