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Grenfell: Five Years

Five years ago, a big fire broke out in Grenfell Tower. It was a the 24-storey block of flats in West London. 72 people died in the fire and more than 70 other people were injured.



  • If you cope with a problem, you deal with it successfully.
  • A survivor of a disaster is someone who continues to live afterwards, eventhough he or she was almost killed in this situation.
  • A disaster is a very bad accident such as an earthquake or a plane crash. Especially one in which a lot of people are killed.
  • If you overcome a problem you deal with it succesfully.
  • A community service is something done for people who live in a particular area or place.
  • The people who lost family or friends in the Grenfell Tower fire are impacted by Grenfell.



  1. What is Kids on the Green?
    a      A community service that helps kids to develop their artistic skills and more.
    b      A community service that helps kids who used to live in Grenfell Tower with their homework.
    c       A music school that is at the same place where Grenfell Tower used to be.
    d      An after-school activity centre for kids who lost their parents in the Grenfell Tower fire.


  1. What is true about Destiny? Choose all the correct answers.
    a      Music has helped her cope with the Grenfell situation.
    b      She had the idea to set up Kids on the Green.
    c       She lost her friend Isaac in the Grenfell fire.
    d      She would have saved her friend if she had a chance.
    e      She wrote a song that you can always overcome a problem.


  1. Luana has written a song. What is it about? Choose all the correct answers.
    a      Loving your parents and friends.
    b      There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
    c       You are not alone.
    d      You can always have a good future.
    e      You can always overcome a problem







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