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Goodbye Liz, hello Rishi….

Bron afbeelding: Sean Aidan Calderbank

Watch the video up to 1:53.



  • The PM or Prime Minister is the head of the government in some countries.
  • When something feels like déjà vu it feels like something that has happened many times before.
  • for starters – first of all, to begin with
  • The cost of living is the amount of money that people in a particular country or area need to pay for basic things such as food, clothing, and housing.



  1. Compared to previous Prime Ministers, what is different about Rishi Sunak? Select all the correct answers?
    a      Youngest PM in more than 200 years.
    b      First Lord to become PM since 1812.
    c       First Hindu to lead the United Kingdom.
    d      First British Asian to become PM.
    e      Third Prime Minister of 42 years.


  1. When did Rishi Sunak’s career in politics begin?
    a      A bit over a month ago.
    b      3 months ago.
    c       7 years ago.
    d      In 2012.


  1. Will Rishi Sunak have an easy job as Prime Minister?
    a      No, he still has to deal with his rivals Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt.
    b      No, the UK is dealing with serious economic problems.
    c       Yes, he can do everything he wants as Prime Minister.
    d      Yes, he got the job and can finally stop racing.




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