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Extreme Heat Wave

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Temperatures in some parts of India are extremely high.



  • destructive – causing a very large amount of damage
  • monsoon – a wind in South Asia that blows from the south-west in summer, bringing rain, and the north-east in winter.
  • drenched with sweat – completely wet with sweat
  • landfill – an area where waste is dumped



  1. How hot is it in parts of India?
    a      10 to 20 degrees Celsius
    b      40 degrees Celsius and higher
    c       50 degrees Celsius
    d      More than 60 degrees Celsius


  1. When are the cooling monsoon rains expected?
    a       In April.
    b      In March.
    c       In May and June.
    d      Not before June.


  1. March was very hot this year. It was the hottest month of March…
    a      in 10 years.
    b      for more then 20 years.
    c       for more than 120 years.



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