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Everybody uses them. But where did emojis come from?


  • first-ever – happening for the first time
  • to invent – to create something that has not existed before
  • available – present and ready for use
  • emoji keyboard – special set of keys with emoji symbols
  • calendar – a document that shows the days, weeks, and months of the year
  • introduced – made available for the first time
  • to represent – to be present as a sign or symbol of other things or people
  • diverse – made up of people or things that are different from each other
  • skin tone – skin colour
  • headscarf – a piece of cloth worn over a woman’s or girl’s head
  • tears of joy – drops that come out of your eye when you are crying with laughter



 Combine the events in the right column with the correct year in the left column.

1992 a.     17th July announced as World Emoji Day
2003 b.     2666 emojis available for users
2007 c.     Emojis available on iPhone for the first time
2008 d.     Emojis with different skin tones introduced
2011 e.     First iPhone by Apple
2014 f.      First-ever text message sent
2015 g.     MSN messenger introduced with emoticons
2017 h.     New emoji introduced of a person with a headscarf
2020 i.      New iPhones have an emoji keyboard for the first time
  1. Name the top 3 of the most used emojis.
  1. Which one is your favourite emoji?



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