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Packing your Backpack



  • backpack – a bag for carrying things that has two shoulder straps and is carried on the back
  • stuff – materials; supplies; things
  • handwashing stations – special locations where water and soap are available to wash your hands
  • BC – here short for “British Columbia”: British Columbia (BC) is the westernmost province in Canada.
  • reusable – Things that are reusable can be used more than once.
  • to stash – to put in a safe place
  • to throw something in the laundry – to put something with the things that need to be washed


  1. Students in British Columbia get reusable masks. How many reusable masks?
  2. Where should you keep your mask when you are not wearing it?
  3. What does Isabel say about sharing food and water bottles with your friends?
  4. What safety steps should you take when you get home? Name at least 2 things.
  5. How about the rules at your school? Are they the same as for Isabel? Name the things that are the same and the things that are different.


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