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A Very Special Otter

Otters were almost extinct (uitgestorven) in some places. Luckily they have made a comeback. But they still need protection. This English lady has some ideas.


  • to devote your life to something – to give all your time and energy to something
  • to be devoted to someone – to love someone very much
  • pet – an animal that people keep mainly for pleasure
  • to educate – to teach
  • chick – a baby bird
  • alert – warning
  • a device – an object or machine that has been made for a special purpose
  • a legal requirement – an official rule about something that you must do
  • the frequency is so high – it is producing a very high sound
  • bot – a person’s backside (the part of the body that you sit on)


  1. At what age do otters open their eyes?
  2. What do otters like to eat?
  3. How many otters are run over by cars every year?
  4. How does the Animal Alert on cars work?



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