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World Water Day

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Every year, March 22 is celebrated as “World Water Day”. What do you know about water?


  • a limited resource – a resource of which there is not a lot (beperkte hulpbron)
  • tap kraan
  • globally – across the whole world
  • infrastructure – all the things that make modern life possible, such as roads and railways and bridges and tunnels and networks and airports, etc.
  • surface – the top part of land or water
  • lawn – an area of land that is covered with short grass
  • water treatment plant – a place where water is cleaned so it is safe to drink etc.
  • to reuse – to use again



  1. What is the name for water that is easy to get to?


  1. Where is most fresh water?


  1. Complete the missing numbers:
    a ….. in every ….. people in the world lack access to clean water.
    b      ….. % of all the water on the whole earth is stored as salt water in the worlds oceans.
    c       Only ….. % of the total water on earth is fresh water.
    d      Surface water only makes up ….. % of the fresh water on earth.
    e      Every minute in the shower is about ….. litres of water.


  1. Jayden names a couple of ways to save water. Write down three or more things he names.


  1. Which tip to save water can you use yourself?



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