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What’s Your Sport?


Meet one of the athletes for the next summer Olympic games.


  • an individual sport – not a team sport
  • equipment – things which are used for a special purpose
  • to participate (in a sport) – to take part (in a sport)
  • excited – very enthusiastic about something
  • to start out – to begin
  • to kick – to hit something or someone with your foot
  • to punch – to hit something or someone with your fist
  • drive – strong wish and energy to do something



  1. Is Haya’s sport one of the new Olympic sports?
  2. What sport does Haya play?
  3. How did Haya start in her sport?
  4. Which two medals has Haya already won?
  5. What advice does Haya have for kids who practice her sport?


Extra speaking assignment

  1. Work with a classmate.
  2. One of you picks a favourite sport. Don’t say it out loud!
  3. The other one starts asking questions to find out which sport. (Watch the video again for inspiration.)
  4. Have fun!



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