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What’s up With Insta


Instagram is introducing some changes.


  • instant gratification – immediate satisfaction or enjoyment; instant pleasure; reward at once
  • to tag – to name or call someone or something
  • If you nudge someone into doing something, you gently convince them to do it.
  • to take a break – to stop doing whatever you are doing for a short period of time
  • former employee – someone who used to work for a company, but has quit now
  • parental fears – concerns your parents may have
  • mental health and body image issues – problems with how you feel about yourself and your body
  • to repair credibility and reputation – to make sure that people think you are tustworthy and good
  • disingenuous – not truly honest or sincere
  • novel – new



  1. How much time does Brianna spend on Instagram?
  2. Which three new things for teens are introduced in the Instagram app?
  3. Facebook owns Instagram.
    According to a former Facebook employee Facebook “puts profits before people”.
    What does this mean?
    a       Facebook puts all the money they earn into helping people.
    b      For Facebook, making money is more important than protecting people.
    c       People can profit more if they work for other companies than Facebook.
    d      This employee quit Facebook because she didn’t like the people working there.
  4. The changes in Instagram are “opt-in technologies or opt-in aspects”.
    What does this mean?
    a      Instagram has not yet decided if these changes will really be made.
    b      They have a special look (optics) so you can recognize them.
    c       They only work if you choose (opt) to activate them.
    d      You can only use Instagram after your parents choose (opt) to allow it.
  5. Does Brianna believe that teens will start using Instagram differently?



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