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Walking the Walk


Romeo Cox lives in Italy. His grandmother lives in the UK. Because of the coronavirus, Romeo couldn’t take a plane to go visit his grandmother. So he hatched up a different plan.


  • to hatch up a plan – to think of a plan
  • reunion – the moment when people get together again after they have been apart
  • to convince– to cause someone to agree to something
  • they caved – they gave in; they were no longer against (the plan)
  • donkey – an animal that is like a small horse with large ears
  • medieval – of the Middle Ages; like in the Middle Ages
  • to go on strike – to stop work in protest; to refuse to work anymore
  • hug – when you put your arms around someone as a way of showing love or friendship
  • gentle – not hard or violent


  1. Name the city or region where Romeo’s trip started and the one where it ended.
  2. How did Romeo and his dad travel? Name 2 or more ways.
  3. How many kilometers in total did Romeo travel?
  4. Through which countries did Romeo and his dad travel?
  5. When did Romeo move to Italy?
  6. How did Romeo learn Italian?
  7. Romeo and his dad also raised money with their trip. For whom?


WK 44 2020-2021 Luisteren – Walking the Walk – antwoorden

(Bron afbeelding: Shutterstock/Julia Kuznetsova)

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