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Vaccine vs. Vaccine

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Three Covid-19 vaccines have been approved in the UK: the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford vaccines. What’s the difference between these three?


  • effectiveness – the degree to which something is effective
  • basically – generally; for the most part
  • dose – a measured amount of something such as medicine
  • approach – a way of doing something
  • dry ice – solid carbon dioxide that is used for keeping things very cold
  • fridge – short for refrigerator: a box or cupboard in which food, drinks, etc. are kept cool
  • pandemic – situation in which a disease (ziekte) spreads all over the world



  1. Which vaccine or vaccines are most effective?
  2. Which vaccine or vaccines costs the least?
  3. How much do people in the UK have to pay if they want a vaccine?
  4. Are all three vaccines made in the same way?
  5. Which vaccine or vaccines are easiest and cheapest to store and transport?



WK 03 2020-2021 Luisteren – Vaccine Versus Vaccine – antwoorden


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