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Times are Changing

It’s that time of the year again: The clocks have been turned backwards for winter time. Is this a thing we’ll keep doing forever?


  • a saying – a sentence that people often say and that gives advice or information about human life and experience
  • leaflet – a piece of paper with information about a particular subject
  • to adopt a plan or idea – to begin to use a plan or idea
  • to be less productive – to do less
  • early risers – people who get out of bed early
  • traffic collisions – traffic accident, car crash
  • marginal – very small in effect
  • opponents – people who are against something
  • DST – Daylight Saving Time (zomertijd)
  • to be in the dark – to not know anything about something



  1. Complete the saying: Spring …… … spring, fall ….. … …..
    Explain what it means.
  2. Which two countries were first to introduce daylight saving time? In what year was that?
  3. How many countries worldwide have some form of daylight saving time?
  4. Name two arguments for and two against daylight saving time.
  5. Will we keep changing the clocks forever?


Times are Changing – antwoorden

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