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The Weather

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COP27 is an international meeting on climate. It will take place from 6 to 18 November.
How are things with the climate? How’s the weather holding up in the world?



  • Global warming is the slow rise of the world’s temperature.
  • When a season is drier it does not rain much or not at all.
  • Countries with limited fresh water do not have very much fresh water.
  • Crops are plants that are grown by farmers for food.
  • A government grant is money that a government gives to people or an organization for a particular purpose.
  • Something is vulnerable when it is without protection. It can easily be damaged.
  • Injustice is a situation in which things are not fair.



  1. It is going to rain. How does Peggy feel about this weather?
    a      It is bad news.
    b      It is great news.
    c       She doesn’t say.
    d      She is unhappy about it.


  1. How is the weather in Zambia?
    a      The rainy season is becoming drier.
    b      The video doesn’t say.
    c       The weather is nice and warm because of global warming.
    d      Water levels are rising because of the rain.


  1. “The countries that have contributed the least to climate crisis are now the ones most vulnerable to it.” What does this mean?
    a      Because of the climate crisis, people in some countries flee their homes. But they travel over the world and make climate change worse.
    b      Farmers in Brazil destroy their crops with fire. They are angry because they don’t get the same government grants as farmers in Bangladesh.
    c       Some countries do a lot of things to make the climate crisis worse. But other countries have to deal with things such as rising sea levels, fires and bad crops.
    d      Some people in rich countries take advantage of climate change. They fly to poor countries like Zambia and Bangladesh for a cheap holiday in warm weather.




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