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The Truth Is out There


Are UFOs real? People have been claiming to see them for decades.


  • to release – to make things available to the public
  • aliens – creatures that comes from somewhere other than earth
  • unidentified – not known or unclear what it is
  • to hide – to keep things from being known
  • saucer – a small, round dish that you put a cup on
  • debris – the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed
  • wreckage – the broken parts of things that have been badly damaged or destroyed
  • to investigate – to look into things in order to get more information about them
  • to end up – to reach or come to some place



1. What does UFO mean?

2. Are there actual UFOs out there?

3. If there are UFOs, there must be aliens. True or false?

4. Why did the US military release videos of unknown flying objects?

5. Experts investigate reports of UFOs. What do reported UFOs in most cases end up being?



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