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The Blue Bandit

Wiebe Wakker went for a ride in his car. His car is called the Blue Bandit. It is a special car and it was a special ride.

Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.

  • epic journey – very impressive trip
  • a bandit – a gangster
  • online donations – money people give through a website
  • to plot your course – to plan your route or journey in detail
  • to prove someone wrong – to do something in order to show that someone had an incorrect idea or opinion
  • prejudices – unfair or unreasonable opinion about something or someone
  • reliable – good, to be trusted
  • insane – very foolish, sort of crazy
  • inspire – to make someone want to do something


First read the assignment. Next watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

(B1) Answer the questions.

1. Where did Wiebe’s journey begin and end?
2. Is Wiebe’s Blue Bandit a regular car? Explain your answer.
3. Where did Wiebe get the money to make his trip?
4. What was Wiebe’s goal with his trip?

(A2) Fill in the numbers:

1. Wiebe Wakker and his Blue Bandit drove …………….. days.
2. Wiebe Wakker drove through …………….. countries.
3. Wiebe Wakker drove nearly …………….. kilometers.
4. Wiebe Wakker’s journey started in March ……………..
5. The Blue Bandit is one of only …………….. of such electric cars ever made.

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