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The Black Square Thing


Assignment 1

For this assignment you may use a dictionary or English-language Internet sources to help you.

a    A “hashtag” is the name of the symbol #. Hashtags are used on social media to help people find posts about the same topic. Name at least 5 other typical social media terms.

b    Name three or more social media platforms. Which channels or networks do you use? And which ones are most popular in your class?


The Black Square Thing

Many people woke up on Tuesday 2 June 2020 to a timeline of black photos with the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday. They probably wondered what was going on.

What did it mean? Read about it here.


Assignment 2

For each definition, find the word or expression it describes in the text and write it down.

  1. a lot of disagreement about something, usually because it is important to many people
  2. useful, serious or important
  3. a series of posts
  4. things that have happened earlier and that that help to explain why something happens
  5. thought of the idea
  6. to stop for a moment to pause and think about what you are doing
  7. not hiding the truth, open and direct
  8. thoughtful
  9. did something that they were asked to do
  10. posts without any writing, marks, or pictures
  11. decided to take part
  12. could be heard and read everywhere on social media
  13. sources of useful information or expertise
  14. filling up in an untidy way
  15. to take actions in order to interrupt things from going on as usual


Assignment 3

a    What is #BlackOutTuesday?

1    A protest in the music industry, with musicians staying silent every Tuesday to fight racism.
2    An action on social media on 2 June 2020, to protest racism and police brutality.
3    Athletes and sports organizations wearing black suits to protest racism and police brutality.
4    Companies and organizations everywhere turning off the lights to protest racism.


b    What was the controversy behind #BlackOutTuesday?

1    Actors were supporting the hashtag. Athletes were not impressed.
2    Nobody used the hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag went viral on Instagram.
3    Some people celebrated the hashtag. Others said it was getting in the way.
4    Some people posted a black square. Other people posted a blank square.


c     Lizzo posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday to spread the word to her 8.7 million followers that they shouldn’t use the #BLM hashtag on their #BlackOutTuesday posts.
“It is flooding the hashtag search with just black pictures instead of information,” the singer said.
What is Lizzo saying?

1    Don’t use both the #BLM hashtag and #BlackOutTuesday. It is confusing for people, because they both mean the same.
2    Don’t use both the #BLM hashtag and #BlackOutTuesday. It makes it more difficult for people to find important information.
3    Start using the hashtag #flooding. And delete all posts with the #BLM hashtag and black square posts.
4    Stop cluttering my feed with #BlackOutTuesday and #BLM posts. I cannot find any important information any more.


Extra Listening Assignment

With your class, watch and discuss these videos about the protests taking place at the moment:
1    In this video, Etienne and Kamryn speak about the racism they’ve faced. They also discuss how they want things to change in the future. [A2/B1]
2    And in this video, four 17-year-olds talk about the protests and what to do about it. [B1/B2]



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