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  • An all-time record is a record that nobody has ever set before and has not yet been broken.
  • If you announce something, you tell people about it publicly or officially.
  • When you are enchanted to do something you are really very happy and delighted about it.




  1. Fill in the missing number:
    Taylor Swift set a record on the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot ………………


  1. What makes Taylor’s record so special?
    a      She is the first American artist ever to make the Billboard Top 10.
    b      She is the first artist ever who has songs on all 10 spots of the top 10.
    c       She is the first female singer ever with 10 songs on a single record.
    d      She is the first singer who has released a new album after Covid started.


  1. What announcement did Taylor also make?
    a      She is excited for her next album.
    b      She is enchanted by the news of her record.
    c       She is going back on tour.
    d      She is planning her next album already.



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