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Taking a Jab

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Assignment 1

a    Work with one or more classmates. Make a list of English words related to health. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.


Taking a Jab

Slowly, people around the world are being vaccinated against COVID-19. Every country is following its own plan. In Canada, some teens already got their shot.

Read about it here.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.     a handful a.     adults
2.     vaccine b.     advised
3.     an essential worker c.     the amount of a medicine etc. that is taken at one time
4.     dose d.     got
5.     immune system e.     not causing any pain
6.     disease f.      people who live in a particular place
7.     prescriptions g.     a person whose job is to give care to people who are ill, disabled, etc.
8.     recommended h.     a place where old or sick people can live and be taken care of
9.     grown-ups i.      sickness
10.  nursing home j.      a small amount
11.  care worker k.     someone who does work that is important and necessary
12.  residents l.      something that happes to you and makes you feel okay
13.  received m.   something that is injected into a person for protection against a disease
14.  a good experience n.     the system of the body that fights infection and disease
15.  painless o.     a written note from a doctor for the preparing and use of a medicine


Assignment 3

a        Is this true or false about Rachel?

1     She is an essential worker.
2     She works as a pharmacy assistant.
3     Both her parents have got the COVID-19 vaccine.
4     Both her parents have a weak immune system.
5     She is afraid of needles.
6     She received her first shot on March 6.


b        Is this true or false about Bronwyn?

1     She is an essential worker.
2     She is 19 years old.
3     She works at a nursing home.
4     She lives far away from her friends.
5     She likes her job a lot.
6     She is afraid of needles.


c        Why are kids under 16 not getting a vaccine yet?

1     Many kids under 16 are afraid of needles. They need to get over that first.
2     Tests and trials have shown that some vaccines are not safe for kids.
3     The vaccine must first be tested for them. Also, kids often react stronger to vaccines.
4     Vaccine manufacturers do not recommend to give kids under 16 any vaccines.



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