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Supply Chains

Supply chain diagram

More shortages in the UK. It is because of problems in supply chains. What are supply chains?


  • supply chain        toeleveringsketen
  • If there is a shortage of something, there is not enough of it.
  • sweets  small sweet things such as toffees, chocolates, and mints
  • ingredients          the things that are used to make something
  • warehouse           a large building where goods are stored
  • lorry drivers        drivers of big trucks that transport stuff


  1. What kind of shortages are there in the UK? Name at least two examples.
  2. Put the supply chain steps in the correct order:
    a               Lorry drivers collect packages and deliver them to the shops.
    b               Shops put the products on their shelves.
    c                The ingredients for sweets are shipped to factories.
    d               The sweets are send to warehouses ready to be shipped across the county.
    e               Workers make and package up the sweets.
    f                 You can buy the sweets in the shops.
  3. What has caused the recent problems?


WK 43 2021-2022 Luisteren – Supply Chains – antwoorden

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