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Summer in the City

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Assignment 1

a        Name the four seasons.

b        How much is 80 °F (Fahrenheit degrees) in Celsius (°C)? Use a conversion calculator on the Internet to find the correct answer.


Summer in the City

How hot you are depends on the street where you live. But why?

Read this text to find out more.



Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.   family income a.  all the money the members of your family living at your house earn
2.   quality of life issues b.  the amount of water in the air
3.   sensors c.  areas of a town where people live who do not have a lot of money
4.   to measure d.  the facts you find out after studying or researching something
5.   humidity e.  to find out the amount or size of something
6.   the findings f.   groups of people of the same race, culture or religion who live in a place where most of the people around them are different from them
7.   hot g.  instruments which “feel” changes in things such as movement, heat or light
8.   minorities h.  problems that can be the reason that you are not so healthy and happy
9.   lower-income neighborhoods i.   rich
10. lack of trees j.   the situation where something is not there
11. degrees k.  the situation where there are not enough trees
12. absence l.   the situation where you are not protected from very warm weather
13. heat exposure m.the state of being poor
14. well-off n.  used to name the temperature, often written as °, for example 21 °C
15. poverty o.  very warm


Assignment 3

a        What is the most important reason for the heat in the poor neighbourhoods of New York?

1     There are fewer trees and parks.
2     There are more sick people.
3     There are too many cars driving around at the same time.
4     There is more air pollution.


b        What are “urban heat islands”?

1     City parks where people can go to relax and enjoy the sun.
2     Holiday islands especially for people who love to lie in the sun.
3     Neighbourhoods where people are poorer and where there are minorities.
4     Parts of the city where it is hotter than in other parts of the city.


c        How do trees make a neighborhood cooler?

1     People are happier and cooler when they see trees.
2     Temperatures on surfaces are many times hotter.
3     They take time to grow and cover large parts of a neighborhood.
4     Water from tree leaves evaporates and then cools the air.



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